All you Need to Know about Stripe and Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing

No, Stripe does not offer an affiliate marketing program yet, but it still earns you pretty handsome returns. You can also set up your own affiliate program with the right tools. Wondering how? Those who own an ecommerce platform or running a subscription service would know that Stripe is a payment system that helps accept payments and via mobile phone apps.

So, how does it work?

All you need to do is to sign up for a stripe account and link it to your own bank. The entire process is extremely easy and does not take much of your time. Now you can start earning by referring their products and services to people and make them sign up for Stripe.

But since, Stripe does not have an affiliate program of its own you would need the assistance from one of the best affiliate marketing software like LeadDyno that identifies the users in the target segment making it easier to choose an eCommerce vendor. All you need to do is to integrate your LeadDyno account with Stripe and it would appear on your dashboard options. From here you can easily track the daily statistics and even see the original referral source.

Highlights of Stripe

  • The best part about Stripe is that it’s not just easy for the businesses to work with, but for everyone across the business.
  • Stripe charges a reasonable flat fee of 2.9% for every transaction made. There’s an additional 30cents per transaction.
  • Stripe offers wholesale discounts for businesses that do over $80,000 in sales a month.
  • There’s no fee for set up, or any monthly charges for facilitating the transactions.
  • Stripe refunds the industry standard fee of $15 f the customer is at fault and the chargeback is not maintained.
  • Stripe accepts almost all types of debit and credit cards that includes MasterCard, Visa, Diners, Discover, American Express, and JCB.
  • It’s available on both the popular mobile platforms that is Android and iOS.
  • While it provides recurring bill, it also refunds the fees when you refund payments to your customer.
  • The payments to your account gets cleared in flat two working days.
  • Additionally, Stripe allow you to process payments through AliPay, while others don’t offer this facility.
  • It’s clear advantage of using payment services with stripe as it allows you to accept payments in more than 130 currencies without any additional fees for international payments.
  • In terms of additional services, Stripe offers support for discounts and subscriptions.
  • What’s more, Stripe even updates your credit card and debit card details automatically as the card expires such as with the new expiry date, and the security codes.
  • Moreover, Stripe also offers coupons.
  • Stripe offers a unique service called marketplace selling that allows you to accept payments from a buyer on behalf of the seller who is using your platform. You can use this facility using Stripe Connect.
  • It comes with a wide range of integrations including the best affiliate marketing software for referral marketing and many other services that help ease the online payments and the business management processes.

Benefits of Using Stripe for Referral Marketing

Stripe is one of the popular sources of earning that added money using its referral marketing feature. Let’s how can it be useful for you.

  • Helps you choose an eCommerce merchant much more easily.
  • Makes your one-touch mobile phone payments super smooth which is a boon for the affiliate programs.
  • Makes it easier to incorporate third party software into their process.
  • Helps customize the funds transfer schedule by setting it to daily, weekly, or monthly options as per your requirement.
  • Allows you to test all of its features even before you officially activate the account. This helps you get rid of any bugs before you request anyone for payment.
  • Helps you to checkout real quick, even if it’s the online order forms just like it does on the mobile phones. This works great as you and your affiliates can make sales quick and easy once the customer is ready.

How to Start your Affiliate Program with Stripe?

To make use of the referral marketing features of Stripe, you also need to sign up with one of the best affiliate marketing software like LeadDyno. Before you get going with the set up of your Stripe referral marketing account make sure that your LeadDyno tracking is completely functional and make sure that it’s working.

  1. Start a Stripe Account

It’s a quick two-step process where you simply need to add your email address, name, and create password. Now, all you need to do is to simply verify the email address by clicking on the verification link, verify the mobile number based on your country and there you are on the Stripe dashboard! You can see your earnings on the dashboard or take any action right from the dash board.

  1. Integrate with LeadDyno

Sign in to your LeadDyno account and head to the dashboard. Now go to “Settings” from here, then click on “Manage Integrations”, and you will reach the list “Payment Services”. Find Stripe from the list and click on the button “Connect to Stripe”.

Yes, and you are successful in connecting Stripe with LeadDyno.

Now that you are connected, you will be able to see the actual source for every referral for each sale you make. This will not just help you keep track of your affiliate sales but will also help you find out which techniques are working and which ones are failing.

All you need is a good referral marketing software that can track the referral source for each sale you make, and you are all set with the Stripe sales and referral earnings.

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