Best mobile under 20000

best mobile under 20000

Check some Best mobile under Rs. 20000 Range

  • Honor 8. Coming in at just under the Rs. 20,000 cutoff, the Honor 8 is the top rated phone on this list. …
  • Xiaomi Mi Max 2. …
  • Samsung Galaxy On Max. …
  • Motorola G5 Plus.

Some mobile Description are:

Mobile under Rs. 20,000 Gadgets 360 rating
Honor 8 9/10
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 8/10
Samsung Galaxy On Max 8/10
Motorola Moto G5 Plus 8/10

1. Honor 8
Coming in at just under the Rs. 20,000 cutoff, the Honor 8 is the top rated phone on this list. It is a single-SIM phone however, with could be a deal-breaker for some. Beyond that, it’s a strong contender for your money at this budget, as we noted in our review of the phone.

There’s a 5.2-inch display running at full-HD resolution, backed up by a 1.8GHz octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, along with 32GB of storage. The phone has a 12-megapixel camera on the rear, and 8-megapixels on the front. The battery is 3000mAh.


  2. Xiaomi Mi Max 2

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 has been described as a battery pack with a phone attached, but it’s actually a pretty sleek and good looking phone, despite the enormous 6.44-inch display. As we note in our review, the camera is a little disappointing, but its battery life is predictably great, and has a good display and performance, making it a nice choice for media consumption, and one of the picks for the best phone under Rs. 20,000.

The phone has a 2GHz octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 12-megapixel camera on the rear, along with a 5-megapixel front camera. There’s 64GB storage, and a whopping 5300mAh battery as well.

3. Samsung Galaxy On Max
The newest phone on this list, the Samsung Galaxy On Max is a solid all-rounder with good design and a nice display. In our review, we pointed out its camera as a highlight – possibly the best camera phone under Rs. 20,000 – but the battery life is only okay.

The cameras on the front and rear both have 13-megapixel sensors, and the phone, which is powered by a 1.69GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM, has a 5.7-inch display with full-HD resolution. The 3300mAh battery sounds good on paper, but we found that the real world results could have been better.

4. Motorola G5 Plus
You can’t have a budget friendly list without a Motorola phone, and that’s true here as well. The Moto G5 Plus is a good all-rounder that doesn’t blow you away on many fronts, but won’t let you down either, thus finding a spot in our list of best mobiles under Rs. 20,000.


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