The Best Smart Light Bulbs for 2021

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs are more than just light bulbs. They enhance our mood, by setting the ambiance of your room to reflect how you want to feel, even when you’re in the mood to relax under a bright green glow.

Smart light bulbs are perfect for evenings, as you can dim the lights to unwind your mind after a busy day of work. With the ongoing pandemic, most of us are working from home, and smart lights allow you to work in bright and blue-ish lights so you can focus better.

And, if you’re asking for the best smart lights, yes, they’re truly smart. They enable you to establish automation and integration in your lighting experience in a more enhanced way, by allowing bulbs to be intertwining further for you to control them in a smart way.

This means, addressing them through Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, may mean introducing ZigBee compatible bulbs right in the Hue ecosystem, thus allowing you to set schedules. Basically, no matter how you play it, a smart light bulb is an impressive thing.

Similar to any other device or gadget, it’s always recommended to do your own research and due diligence before purchasing it blindly. This is exactly why we’ve decided to share the features and uses of some of the best smart light bulbs below.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

Philips Hue is well recognized and established in the world of smart lighting. But there’s more to it than its brand recognition. Hue smart lights have a wide range of bulbs you can choose from and perform notably better than its competitors.

The bulbs use ZigBee to interact, meaning you’ll need to have a Hue Bridge to communicate to them, or a basic ZigBee hub. The advantage of ZigBee is that it has the ability to reach a good amount of distance, as not only does every bulb pass signals invisibly, but it’s also a mesh network.

In other words, Hue can be taken further as compared to your router is likely to reach, making it much more plausible to kick start Philip’s outdoor range and its several other options for indoor smart lighting.

Philips Hue Starter Kit is a great place to begin your smart home journey. It has 2 or 4 bub options that come along with the Hue Bridge. It may also have a remote control through which you can control the lights, or from your smartphone.

You can connect almost 50 lights to a single Hue Bridge, hence giving you plenty of space to explore with. To sum it up, its starter kit is brilliant and gives you an amazing first-hand smart lighting experience.

You can purchase the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit at FirstEnergy for $200 or at Amazon.

Google Smart Light Starter Kit

Google Smart Light Starter Kit is perhaps one of the easiest to install and get by among the many smart lighting options out there. All you have to do is install its bulb and plug it into the Google Home Mini that comes in the starter kit.

Google Smart Light Bulb is Bluetooth-based, meaning it’s only able to work within the minimum distance from the Google Home Mini. After that, simply download the Google Home app onto your smartphone, tablet or any other smart device, and set it up.

The app is as simple as it gets and will walk you through the entire setup process. Apart from the light bulb, the Google Home Mini has an excellent sound quality and may even be better than Amazon Echo – 2nd Gen.

You can voice command your Google Home Mini whenever you want the lights to be switched on/off or to dim them. It responds instantly and adjusts the brightness of the room according to your needs.

As mentioned early on, it’s Bluetooth-based, as in it does not have the same technology as a Zwave, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi-based smart light. Hence, it would be best if both the light bulb and Google Home Mini are placed in the same room.

You can purchase the Google Home Mini Smart Light Starter Kit at FirstEnergy for $55 or at the Google store.

Wyze Bulb

We can all agree that smart light bulbs may at times look expensive, and that’s true because if you want more features and lighting options, you should be prepared to pay a little extra to enjoy these things.

That being said, who says you can’t find affordable smart light bulbs? Wyze smart bulb is one of the inexpensive ones. It’s also known to be one of the best smart light bulbs if you’re thinking of jumping into a smart home bandwagon.

You can control and also connect the bulb to a phone for smart home devices. From having the ability to change the color temperature and brightness of the bulbs, Wyze is pretty impressive. It can be controlled from Wyze’s app or from Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT as well.

Moreover, you can create a schedule for when you’d like the light to switch on and off. You can purchase a single Wyze bulb at Amazon for $8.

In Conclusion

Smart lighting is a fun place and the easiest place for you to begin your smart home journey. The above mentioned three smart lightings are the simplest to install and use. Have fun being smarter with a smart home!